{Rant;of a mutarabbi} Rant; of a Mutarabbi: catching up, maybe?


catching up, maybe?


Oh hi there. Didn't expect any of you to actually visit my blog, to read my stories. Not your fault tho. I haven't been writing FOR AGES!

Life is okay, i guess. Not the happiest part of my life, but still, i think it's going on fine.

It's the 30th of January. I'm still 16. Will be turning 17 around the time when most of the northern hemisphere country gets warmer. I'm so exhilarated, but anxious at the same time. I'm at the most important part of my life. I'm going to be sitting for my SPM this year. If I get good results (please,, pray pray prayyyyy for me), I'm planning to study medicine abroad. But that is like my plan B. My actual plan is to score my trial and apply for scholarship with my trial results. That would definitely be for the best.

That may have sound cliche. Wanting to earn as many As as possible and become a doctor. Not just any doctor, but I want to be an obstetrician. There's actually a reason behind this dream.

Around 16 years ago, there is this pregnant woman who was about to give birth (right I'm being extremely straight to the point yeah so what). There she was, in the delivering room in some private hospital in Selangor, breathing in the pain caused by her very cute yet unborn baby. How do I know the baby is cute even when she wasnt eveb born yet? I just know.

Anyway, getting back to the story, the woman was feeling so much pain as the baby was probably throwing a huge tantrum inside her. I'm so sorry, but most cute babies are like that. They can't wait to see the world. Even with the pain and chaos, the mother cant help but to notice the whole team of surgeons and nurses were all female!

The pain lasted for so long but the beautiful woman was trying her best to push the baby out of her (really, i couldnt think of a polite way to write this). In the end, the doctors inferred that the baby wasnt gonna be able to be given birth to in the natural way-they have to use the c-section method. So the woman had to be transferred to a government's hospital in Cheras yada yada yada and the whole team, too, was an all girls squad!! The woman couldnt express how thankful she felt,

And so the baby was born. And the baby grew up to be me (big surprise there, isnt it?).

And so, that's why I decided to be an obstetrician. I would like to help those people who dont feel comfortable to deliver in front of some foreign guy. That is my number one reason. I feel like I need to repay the whole world for letting my mom to give birth to me comfortably by being an doctor.

Other than obstetrician, I am also interested to become an osteopathic. (seriously tho) orrrrrrrrrr a vet!! I seriously love animals, and I believe that I would be more than happy to treat them. Also maybe (i usually get weird looks from everyone when i say this) but being a teacher seems fun too.

And guess what? This wanst what I had in mind when I wanted to post a new entry! I wanted to talk about something else! And now I can't even remember what it was. I guess we could save that for later. Ciao!

p/s: I really dont know what should i have put as the title.

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  1. hi there:) mygosh ade akta, perlu berhati-hati xP. I hope you're doing well in studies and will (inshaAllah) pass SPM with flying colours. Dont forget to always pray and be close to Allah :)


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