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Short Getaway

Before anyone panic, no no no no no no no no i did not commit any crime to go for a getaway. By getaway i actually meant a very short vacation. Yeap, very short. Did not even last for 24 hours. Interesting, huh?

Why are we having a vacation that didn't even last for a day again? So these are the causes

  • dad's working
  • mom's busy
  • kaklong's in college
  • kak syida has extra classes
  • i'm busy
  • time
  • time
  • time
  • time
  • still time
  • not enough time
  • time
  • cats
  • anchovies
  • time
So we booked a room in Bayu Marina JB, packed our clothes and foods, piled a lot of cat's foods in the cage, filled in soooo much water in their bowls, and drove from kulai to bayu marina which only took like 30 minutes. We got in the car at 12.30.

We got there around 2.30 (because we couldn't find the hotel at first yeah
I'm not sure what took us so long). oh yeah we had our lunch on our way there, I had mee bandung which aren't that good but it cost me RM9 per mangkuk.  And from the outside, the hotel looked soooo pwetteyh.

So we got inside, checked in, got into our room and laid down. Watched movies and stuff, it was so relaxing. Then we got down to get extra pillows and a sleeping bag and went to the pool. Then we continue to watch tv and sleep and eat and complain about everything and watched the view from above and ok i cant list them all it's too tiring.

The next morning, we had our breakfast and drove from jb to kulai. and here I am now, typing. My sister went to her extra class. That's how our not-even-24-hours-vacay ends. But at least we got to relax ourselves though. That's the main purpose.

Now would you excuse me, i have to get my piles of homework done. School break is almost over, I'm almost crying. Ciao!

Oh yeah and i would recommend Bayu Marina Resorts to anyone who's going to JB. It was good. Just remember to bring your own sejadah if you're planning on staying there,

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