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People around us

Assalamualaikum to all readers. Thank you for being able to sped your time on reading my article heheheh. I talked about hijrah in my previous post, so have a look at that picture at the top of my entry and guess what I'm going to talk about?

Nope! Absolutely not on teamwork haha. Maybe next time. 

I'd like to share a story.

There's this old man, who works as a fisher for a living. He would go to the sea everyday to fish. Unfortunately, one day, he failed to catch any fish. Instead, he only managed to catch a bunch of crabs. He still is thankful and happy. Later he takes them to the market to sell them. Without tying them, he puts all of the crabs in a rattan basket.

As he arrives, a lot of people are interested to buying his crabs. A lady dressed in a graceful dress asked him, "Stupid old man, why didn't you tie those crabs or even consider to shut the basket? Wouldn't the crabs run away?".

The very patient old man asks the woman to look into the basket by herself. The woman can now see that a few crabs are trying to get out, but none did as the others under it would grab it by the leg and making sure it couldn't escape. This happens to all the crabs inside until in the end, none of the crabs managed to escape.

(I copied the whole story huhuhihu)

So, based on the story, what can u conclude?

We have to watch for people around us. Yes. Some call themselves friends. But how can we be so sure about it? True friends are like ants, they'll be there with you to help you reaching for your goals. As for some friends which you should avoid, they'll always bring you down. They want you to be good, but never as good as them. 

It is important for us to pick people around us. Yes, I know. Be friend with everyone. But keep your boundary. Don't let too many people into your personal life. Be careful. I'm not asking you to putuskan your silaturrahim or whatsoever.  But this is about trust. It is good to have trust, but not everyone can be trusted. In this modern era, everyone wants to be the best. Some value other stupid things than friendship.

Imagine yourself picking out an outfit. You like that outfit. You think you look really cute in it. There comes your friend, telling you how fat and ugly you look in it. You're thinking of putting it back. Don't! Do whatever makes you happy. If you think that outfit is perfect for you, buy it. (as long as it's syaria compliance) You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

But, some guy invited you to come over to his house. And your friend says no. ok now listen to your friend. Not everything that she disagrees with you shows that she's trying to drag you down. Sometimes, no is what's best for you.

Same goes to study. Admit it, some of us are reaaallllyyyyyy lazy to get our homework done. And you don't wanna be yelled at alone, so you encourage your friend to not do it too. That, my friend is a bad thing. Ajaklah orang ke arah kebaikan. Jangan bawa orang ke arah keburukan.

So I believe by now everyone gets my point. That's all for now, assalamualaikum. 

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